Monday, May 26, 2014

Gobi Manchurian

Gobi Manchurian
Healthy Benefits
Cauliflower contains a wealth of anti-inflammatory nutrients to help keep inflammation in check. Sulforaphane in cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables has been found to significantly improve blood pressure and kidney function. It contains sulforaphane, a sulfur compound that has also been shown to kill cancer stem cells, thereby slowing tumor growth.

It’s very high in Vitamin B6, a water-soluble vitamin needed by the nervous and immune systems. Vitamin B6 helps nerve cells to communicate. It is involved in making hormones, insulin, antibodies, and cell membranes, and is needed for the normal breakdown of protein, carbohydrate and fat. Vitamin B6 helps to maintain blood sugar within the normal range. 


Ingredients   345 calories per serving (serves 4)
For batter and frying:
Medium size head of Cauliflower
3 tbsp Whole Wheat (or Buckwheat flour)
3 tbsp Corn Starch
1/4 tsp Sea Salt
1/4 tsp Black Pepper
1/4 cup + 2 tbsp Water 
Canola oil for frying

For sauce:
Water to sautee onions
1/2 medium Onion 
3 large garlic cloves
1 cut diagonally green chili pepper
2 tbsp Tomato sauce
2 tbsp Red chili sauce
2 tsp White vinegar
4 tsp Liquid Aminos (or Soy sauce)
4 tbsp Water
2 tsp Corn starch
2 cut diagonally Green onions
1/2 Green pepper 
1/2 Red pepper
Cilantro for garnish

Directions (for frying)
- Break cauliflower into florets and steam to soften.
- In a wide bowl, add flour, corn starch, sea salt, black pepper and water. Stir for batter consistency.
- Mix the cauliflower florets in the batter so that they are evenly coated.
- Use a small amount of canola oil for light frying. Use tongs to keep cauliflower shapes (instead of crumbles). Turn to light fry on all sides. Fry in batches. Don't overload the oil pan to avoid it becoming soggy.
- Remove cauliflower when it's golden brown and place on plate with absorbent paper towels.

Directions (for sauce)
- Using a wok in medium-high heat, sauté in water: chopped onions, garlic, cloves and chili
- Add tomato sauce, red chili sauce, white vinegar, liquid amines (or soy sauce)
- In a small saucer, mix water and corn starch and add to sauce
- Add the green onions, green pepper and red pepper
- Add the cauliflower and mix in wok
- Plate it and add cilantro to garnish

Note to vegan chef
Don't overcook the sauce, peppers should have some crunch to them. Liquid Aminos has less salt than soy sauce so I use that. I sauté in either water or vegetable broth to avoid extra oil. Next time I make this I'm going to split the cauliflower and bake it instead of frying. I'll let you know how it comes out. I'm also going to try it with Orange Cauliflower and Purple Cauliflower.

Fun Facts
Cauliflowers are white because while they are growing, the heads are surrounded by thick green leaves that protect them from the sun. As the name implies, cauliflower is in reality a flower: the part of the plant that we eat is the head of the immature, tender flow stems and buds. Almost all cauliflower in the U.S. is grown in the Salinas Valley, California.

I estimated 1/2 cup for frying oil.

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mango Pancakes with Hazelnuts

Mango Pancakes with Hazelnuts

Healthy Benefits 
One cup of mangos is just 100 calories ... it's a sweet treat that won't weigh you down. Each serving of mango is fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free and they contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals, helping to make them a superfood.
Ingredients 606 calories per serving (makes 8 pancakes, 2 per serving)
1 cup mango
1 cup almond milk
1/4 cup hazelnuts
1 cup Trader Joes Multigrain Baking and Pancake mix
Flaxseed egg (1 tspn of flaxseed + 3 tbspn of water, stir and wait 3 minutes)
1 tsp vanilla extract
Canola - lightly spray on nonstick pan

- Make mango puree in blender. Add almond milk and blend until smooth. Add hazelnuts and blend.
- In a separate bowl mix flour, flaxseed egg and vanilla
- Add the mango puree mix and whisk
- Lightly spray a non-stick pan with canola oil. Pour pancake mix in the pan and cook 2 to 3 minutes on each side. Add pure maple syrup.

Note to vegan chef
Consider adding almond flakes or blueberries. Trader Joe's sells their mix online Trader Joe's Baking and Pancake Mix

Fun facts  
Mangos are the most popular fruit in the world.
Mangos were first grown in India over 5,000 years ago.
The paisley pattern, developed in India, is based on the shape of the mango.
A basket of mangos is considered a gesture of friendship in India.

Nutrition: (per 1 serving)
Reference:  Calorie Count,  Mango Fun Facts,   
Inspired by Ivana Drinjovski Emmelkamp Flexible Vegan